Mini Honey Bear Sampler Pack - Set of 4 Distinct Flavors

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Pure, Unprocessed Honey from Local Beekeepers

The color and flavor of honey varieties differ depending on where the bees collect the nectar (which flowers or blossoms they visit). Put your tastebuds to the test and try all four flavors in this mini honey bear sampler pack.

About the flavors:
The floral sources of Orange Blossom honey generally creates a lighter amber-colored honey with a mild, sweet flavor and a flowery aroma like that of orange blossoms; while Saw Palmetto honey tends to be a little darker with a more robust flavor that has been described as differently as spicy cinnamon and anise to a molasses or prune flavor. Wild Flower honey has the most floral sources resulting in a beautiful caramel-colored herbal honey. Black Mangrove honey is a premium honey containing Black Mangrove nectar culminating in a rich, strong-flavored honey that some say is slightly smoky with a hint of salt. Try all four and test your taste buds.
  • 100% natural honey
  • 8 oz. honey total: 4 - 2 oz./56.7 g liquid honey bears
  • Black screw-top cap
  • Both cap and bottle are recyclable
  • All bottles individually sealed
  • 4 Distinct Flavors Included: Black Mangrove, Orange Blossom, Wild Flower and Saw Palmetto
  • Produced by Walker Farms, Fort Myers, FL
  • Made in the USA