Powerful Sanibel Artwork - by Artist Elliot Rutland Tucker - Limited Numbered Edition

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This powerful art piece was created to help rebuild the Refuge and Sanibel Island. Each piece in this extremely limited edition goes directly to supporting, 100% of the purchase amount goes to the Refuge. Learn more about the piece and the artist below.

A single hand finished piece is available, this unique piece is one of a kind with personal additions by the artist by hand. If interested in learning more, please contact us directly at estore@dingdarlingsociety.org

  • Limited edition of only 10 pieces
  • Hand signed and numbered
  • 23.39in x 33.11in
  • Comes unframed
  • 100% of the purchase price supports the Refuge
  • One unique hand finished piece available

About the Artist 

Elliot Rutland Tucker is a freelance artist who recently graduated from University Arts London,Chelsea, UK and has donated some signed prints and a unique piece of work to “Ding" Darling Wildlife Society.

Personal Note from the Artist:

My parents travelled a lot to America spending much of their time in Florida, eventually building their dream house on Sanibel. As a young kid I have great memories of the beaches and wildlife, spotting the different birds and avoiding the 'gators!  I’d sketch everything I could, sitting on the beach as the sun would go down trying to spot a Green Flash at Sunset.  For those of you that saw the “Uncle Sam” full size painted cow outside John Gee Realtors on W Gulf Dr, that was one of the first pieces or artwork I produced, and I’d hoped it would forever be on Sanibel.   Painting, shelling, swimming in the surf, watching the sunsets, it was a magical time in a magical place.

When I heard about Hurricane Ian and saw the devastating effect on the beauty of Sanibel I wanted to help and create a piece of art that would help those most affected by Ian on the Island.  I created this image using photos of our home on Seaspray lane, and of the wildlife and shells.  

The image centers on the iconic Lighthouse creating a beacon of light, reflecting a beam of hope and renewal toward the Adirondack chair, inviting you to sit and bask in its light and warmth, whatever is going on around, that light of hope and renewal will always be with Sanibel.  

I reached out to “"Ding” Darling Wildlife Society and offered to create and ship 10 signed limited edition prints of the artwork free of charge as my contribution to the rebuilding effort.  100% of your money will go to “Ding" Darling.  Mother Nature is always powerful and sometimes cruel, but I know everyone will want to reach out to help those neighbors who need it most and get this Island back to its usual pristine self, and this is my small way of paying back the Island that gave my family so many great memories.

I have also created 1 unique piece which is hand painted, this is an original artwork which I hope someone will cherish and use to remind them of Sanibel and it’s beauty.

Thank you for reading and even purchasing one of the prints or the unique piece.  Thank you for supporting this stunning community,
Bless you, yours thoughtfully and respectfully, 
Elliot Rutland Tucker.