Scramble Squares Puzzles - Easy to Play, Hard to Solve!

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These brightly colored, detailed, and stylish puzzles are always tons of fun, but deceptively challenging! Test your puzzle solving skills with Scramble Squares. Each puzzle boasts an array of beautiful images on 9 panels that have many combinations but only one correct solution. Great for people of all ages.

  • The object of the Scramble Squares puzzle game is to arrange the nine colorfully illustrated square pieces into a 12" x 12" square so that the realistic graphics on the pieces' edges match perfectly to form a completed design in every direction.
  • The full 9-piece puzzle creates an enormous number of possible combinations in a 3 piece x 3 piece pattern, but only one possible solution!
  • An educational panel of information on the subject matter of the puzzle, is on the back of the header card along with a trivia quiz. The answer to the trivia quiz is on the front of the header card hidden behind the puzzle pieces.