Patty Sprankle - The Woman, The Myth, The Legend

Patty’s great grandmother designed porcelain for Queen Victoria at the turn of the century so you could say that Patty's passion for creating exquisite art runs in the family. At her home in Sanibel, Patty has several of her great grandmother's pieces in her collection, as well as the original articles from the New York Times recounting the acceptance of those pieces by The Queen.

Before moving to Sanibel in 1994 with her husband, Jim, and son, James, Patty was a busy real estate owner/broker in the Washington D.C. area and an entrepreneur with a mail order art supply business based on the waterfowl sculptures that her husband created. When the family moved to Sanibel, it was time to wind down that aspect of her life.

As an avid collector of small porcelain pieces, Patty always felt that she, too, could paint. With a bit of serendipity on her side, she found a beginner's class in porcelain painting in the Fall of 2003. She was hooked from that time forward. Patty continue to refine her skills as a member of the Edison Porcelain Artists group in Fort Myers.

Your one-of-a-kind porcelain piece purchased from Shop Ding Darling represents your support of all the unique and beautiful wildlife you will find while visiting the J.N. “Ding” Darling NWR and all of our sanctuary island. As always, 100% of all our profits directly supports the conservation and education efforts of our beloved refuge.

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