Recycled Hawksbill Sea Turtle Earrings

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The artists of each original design were inspired by visits to nature centers, wildlife refuges, parks, gardens, all kinds of interesting locations. The mismatched pairs have been a staple of Jabebo’s designs from the beginning. Each design has been created with fun, nature, and education in mind. Take your special experience at the Refuge home with you and remember it whenever you wear these eco-friendly works of art.

Each pair of earrings as well as the card they come on are created mostly from post-consumer paperboard cereal boxes. The studio sometimes goes through 60 boxes a week. That’s a lot of cereal! Thankfully, they don’t have to eat it all themselves. The generous community of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, where the studio is located, donates most of the boxes that are used.

Hawksbill Sea Turtle The hawksbill turtle’s tapered head ends in a sharp point resembling a bird’s beak, hence its name. Like many sea turtles, hawksbills are critically endangered and international efforts to protect them and their habitats are essential to their continued survival.

  • Asymmetrical pair
  • Surgical Steel wire
  • Hook wire earring back
  • Made in USA
  • Made with recycled paperboard
  • Ultra lightweight design